Double Degree program

Double Degree Program

Last modified: 22. October 2022

We established a double degree program with the University of Salerno (UNISA) for students of the Master of Science in Food Engineering, Major in Food Process Engineering program introduced and implemented at the Institute of Food Science and Technology of MATE and those of the Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Alimentare – Master Degree in Food Engineering program introduced and implemented at UNISA. Both local programs involved have a length of 2 years and require the acquisition of at least 120 European Credits by the student.
Between MATE and UNISA exist institutional collaboration and the exchange of educational, technical and scientific staff at international level: the collaborative activities have united the two institutions in recent years, particularly as Erasmus partners and joint participants in European projects aimed at the internationalization of the education.
The program profile
The Master Programs in Food Engineering involved in this agreement aim at the formation of a technician with high scientific abilities and their application to processes of food industry. The Graduated Engineer will be able to design, operate process equipments and food plants, he will be aware of the newest technologies for the preservation of traditional food and for the preparation and newly formulated functional foods. He will be aware of the sustainability issues involved in the food production process and will be able to apply the correct techniques to optimize the process sustainability.
Both Master courses in Food Engineering involved in this program include common subjects providing the methodological instruments of engineering for the design and the operation of processes and units involved in agro‐food industries. They also provide with sufficient knowledge of food processes, food properties and their safety and quality assurance. The graduates will have strong basis of those scientific methodologies which allow a fruitful interaction of the food engineer with other professionals of the food industry and of the food chain such as food chemist, microbiologist and food technologists.
The proposed Master in Food Engineering addresses the request of formation of specialists in food processing techniques. Students will have strong basis of the physics and chemistry of food of the traditional and new food processing techniques and on the application of the quality standards. They will have all the competences to design and operate food plants.