MSc in Nutritional Sciences

MSc in Nutritional Sciences

Last modified: 16. November 2022

This program is available only in Hungarian presently. It is delivered in cooperation with Semmelweis University.

Nutritionists develop quality food, functional food, food supplements, special nutrients‚ eco products and organic food. They develop food industrial innovations, determine food qualities considering hygienic aspects, take part in professional and counselling tasks in the field of nutrition sciences and catering. Master’s level dietitians determine the composition of food and diets for healthy people and those with various diseases, perform innovative research and development work preferred by the support system of the European Union. Master’s level dietitians are able to understand and solve professional problems assertively, come up with reform ideas, and carry out innovative activities. The nutrition specialist plans and compiles healthy diets in the field of health industry, wellness, medical tourism and hotel industry. Nutritionists promote the achievements of nutrition science in order to improve public health figures, work as highly qualified nutritionists‚ researchers‚ advisors and health educators.

Length of studies: 4 semesters, 120 credits

Major curricular components: Research Methodology, Biostatistics, Food-biochemistry, Preventive Nutrition, Health Nutrition and Epidemiology, Nutritional-hygienic Study, Fundamentals of Food Science and Technology, Product and Technology Development, Cooking Technology, Food Toxicology, Legislative Regulation of Food Quality and Safety, Nutrition Policy, Innovation in Food Economy, Food Marketing, Counselling Skills for Nutritionists