Director's welcome message

Director's welcome

For more than half a century the Institute of Food Science and Technology in Hungarian Universíty of Agriculture and Life Sciences has trained professionals in the food sector. We are proud to say that in this period we have provided the Hungarian economy with hundreds of business leaders and food engineers working in both engineering and research positions. These people are role models – often for professionals in other fields as well – of quality awareness, professionalism, consumer-centeredness and entrepreneurial integrity.

Our faculty is currently the only institution in Hungary which covers the entire range of food science courses, from undergraduate programs through masters, to the doctoral program. We have made great efforts to extend our training to all sectors of the food industry. Thus, in addition to preservation and other traditional food technologies, it is only at our Faculty that future engineers can study spirit distilling, beer brewing and food bio-technology. This is a tremendous opportunity and responsibility for the Faculty of Food Science. Our responsibility is even greater when taking into account our doctoral program, as we provide the only program in the field of food science in Hungary.
 László Friedrich, PhD 
Director of the Institute